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Lovers card
A lot of my tarot readings begin with the question “what does he think of me?” The querent may have just met this fella, felt a spark, and needed some assurances. She and her husband of ten years may be going through a rough patch that has no foreseeable end, and she needs to know if she should stay or go. There are a number of reasons that may have led her to a tarot reading, but at the end of the day, she wants to know “what does he think of me?” And here comes the Lovers card.

After years of answering this question, I have found one card in the deck that is always relevant: The Lovers. When the Lovers card first appears, it often leaves the querent a little starry-eyed. It must mean that everything will be okay, that he feels the same way he does, and that they have a connection that runs deep. Depending on the other cards drawn, it could mean everything she wants it to mean, but the card on its own has a lot to say on her question.

The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is about how humans interact and fit in with another. It’s about understanding our place in an interconnected world. When you break down the question – what does he think of me – you find that she is wondering about how she fits in his world. She wants to know her place. The Lovers answer this question with a question. It asks, what do you think of him?
It tells her first to consider how she feels. It tells her that it is not enough to simply find her place in his world. First, she must know the state of her world, the rules by which she governs herself, and the energy she wants to invite into her life.

To the agitated querent, this card is frustrating. he just wants to know how he feels. It doesn’t have to be so serious. But the Lovers know that all matters of the heart are serious, especially when an individual’s pursuit of happiness could infringe on another. So if you’re wondering about what someone is thinking of you, take a moment to embrace the lesson of the Lovers, and then, by all means, ask your question.
No matter the question, Tarot has a way of making you look at your life from a new perspective. Book a reading today, and not only get the answers you seek, but also insights into patterns of behavior that keep you blocked.
Good luck on your path!

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